Long Range 

Tideland Signal’s (Tideland) vision of growth is achieved by focusing on our mission to deliver innovative aids to marine navigation (AtoN) solutions, products and services, and support our customers with comprehensive technical assistance and after sales care.
We continually utilise new technologies to enhance the performance of traditional AtoN products, while bridging the link in conceiving, developing and manufacturing digital aids to navigation. Our more than 60 years of innovation and proven reliability, with the support of our global network of offices and partners, gives Tideland the advantage to maintain our number one position in customer satisfaction. Tideland’s AtoN solution offering includes

A range of LED lights are available from one to three tiers of LED optics and ranges in excess of 20NM can be achieved in white or 17NM in red or green.



SeaBeacon® 2 System 6, a frequency agile radar beacon (RACON), provides dependable service to all marine radars including those with modern narrow band receivers.  SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistency pulse-by pulse response and advanced sidelobe suppression.


Self-Contained Lights 

With vertical divergence options from 5 to 30° the SolaMax offers the widest range on the market. Complete with their own solar power and battery system, no external power is required. Options include internal AIS, remote monitoring and synchronisation


eNavCon - a World First Combined AIS & RACON

SeaBeacon® 2 System 6, a frequency agile radar beacon (racon), has provided dependable service to all marine radars, including those with modern narrow band receivers. Which is independent of the GPS network increasing accuracy and redundancy.


PEL and Range Lights 

A selection of PEL and range lights are available for general or high precision marking. All designs feature LED illumination, variable vertical and horizontal divergence, monitoring capabilities and synchronisation. Ranges are designed based on customer requirements and can exceed 24NM.


Rotating Beacons 

Tideland pioneered the design of optics for high performance rotating beacons. Options are available with LED’s or incandescent lamps. Ranges depend upon flash character required and can exceed 20NM. Options of AC or DC power are available and full monitoring and control.


Power Options 

Tideland has a wide range of solar panels and battery systems in various configurations and capacities designed specifically for marine use. 



A popular option for power requirements that exceed that of a self-contained lantern. The Sola-Chan comes in many configurable options and sizes.  A self contained unit with lantern, batteries and solar modules.


Individual Lights 

A host of both LED and incandescent lanterns are available with ranges in excess of 10NM. Supplied in all IALA colours, the lanterns have options of syncronization and full remote monitoring including satellite, AIS and GSM. Where applicable, the lanterns are approved by the USCG.


AIS & Remote Monitoring 

Many AtoN’s are now fitted with an Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS transmits vital information about the asset location to all AIS equipped vessels within the area. In addition AIS can also be used for remote monitoring and can accompany our Satellite, GSM and VHF monitoring systems. AIS is also used to transmit vital weather and sea condition data.


Remote Monitoring & Control Systems

e-NavLINK, e-NavBRIDGE and eNavTERM provide world class monitoring systems that provide users with evidence of regulatory compliance and safety of their important aids to navigation. Important warnings and alarms can be sent via text or email and historical reports can be extracted. The system user interface is provided via a web browser.



Buoys are one of the most important items used to mark channels, obstructions and safe water. Tideland has a complete range of buoys from 600mm to 3000mm diameter for use in various sea conditions, depths and current. 



Providing real time wave, water quality,  meteorological & hydrological data to the mariner is increasingly important. Tideland has a wide range of monitoring solutions