From its beginnings as a small workshop located in the company's headquarters in Ahlen in Westphalia, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH has today developed to become a global company. Since 2013, the company Sinus has been on board with a wide range of manifolds and low loss headers, which usefully complement the Reflex portfolio. With over 30 separate distribution companies across the world as well as factories in Germany, Poland, China, and Turkey, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is the main pillar of the Winkelmann Building+Industry business division under the umbrella of the Winkelmann Group. 1889 Heinrich Winkelmann and Caspar Pannhoff found a workshop to produce kitchen and household appliances made from enameled metal such as kettles, coffee pots, soap basins, dustpans, and milk cans in Ahlen in Westphalia. 1955 During the industrial boom during the post-war period, the range changes from the enameled kitchen and household appliances to forming steel plates. Special parts for engineering, the automotive industry as well as heating and water technology, were produced.

Pressurization Unit


Refix DC

WRAS approved diaphragm expansion vessel for use in mains water supply systems (in Germany only for systems which are not subject to the requirements of the DIN 1988, e.g. fire extinguishing and process water systems). Approval acc.

Refix DD

Green/White, Flow-through, pressure vessel valve, 10 bar Flow-through bladder pressure vessel for drinking water heating, water supply, and pressure booster systems. Built and tested according to DIN 4807 part 5, EN 13831 respectively.

Refix DT

Green, expansion vessel, incl. Flowjet 1 1/4, 10 bar Refix DT with Flowjet 1 1/4" and integrated internal anti-legionella circulation, the vessel for drinking water applications, water heating, water supply and pressure booster systems. Built and tested according to EN 13831.


Founding of Reflex Winkelmann + Pannhoff GmbH + Co. KG.


Founding of Reflex-POLSKA Sp. z o.o., Wabrzezno, Poland.


Acquisition of Otto Heat Heizungs-, Energie- und Anlagentechnik GmbH + Co. KG.


Heinrich Winkelmann takes over as the fourth generation of manager of the Winkelmann Group at the headquarters in Ahlen.


The 'Reflex' brand gets a brand relaunch with the new claim 'Thinking Solutions'. The Reflex training center is opened in Ahlen.


Acquisition of the company Sinusverteiler GmbH.


Launch of the Winkelmann production system to optimize and increase efficiency in production processes.


Opening of a new Reflex distribution company in Dubai.


The business division is rebranded to Winkelmann Building+Industry and enables the strategic opening of future ranges. Opening of a new Reflex distribution company in Singapore.





Reflex Variomat Control unit VS, for Pressurization, de-aeration, and water make-up Reflex Variomat VS control unit, the Reflex Variomat is a pump controlled pressurization unit with incorporated automatic water make-up and system de-aeration for heating and chilled water systems.

The device is built according to EN 12828 and is provided with the EC mark. Unit particularly suitable for use in surroundings where a low sound level is required.

Reflex Variomat Giga Hydraulic GH, Hydraulic module Pressurization, de-aeration, and water make-up Reflex Variomat Giga Hydraulic, the module in a compact design for Reflex Gigamat pump-controlled pressurization unit. Suitable and equipped for the operation in heat-generating systems acc. To EN 12828, EN 12952, 12953 as well as the requirements of the TRD 604 sh. 2. Implementation of the functions of pressure maintenance and automatic water make-up in heating and chilled water circuits.

Variomat GIGA

Degassing Units

Air & Dirt Separation

Reflex Servitec Magcontrol, vacuum spray deaeration/make-up unit Reflex Services, vacuum spray tube degassing unit with the integrated automatic refill for closed heating or chilled water circuits which are equipped with pressurization units as well as installations with static precharged expansion vessels. Active and central degassing of the installation according to the principle of vacuum spray tube degassing. Unit existing of a hydraulic part and a Reflex Control Basic operating unit. It is featuring an "auto-setup" function including a self-optimizing operation. The de-aerator eliminates entirely the free gases in the installation and withdraws up to 90% of the dissolved gases of the installation water. The vacuum degassing of a partial flow of the installation water is processed according to an optimized time schedule with selectable degassing programs. After a period of continuous degassing (adjustable and depending on the installation volume) at the start-up, the control switches automatically to an economic model (interval degassing).



Reflex Exvoid, Microbubble separator Flanged connection,110°C,10bar Air/microbubble separator for heating and cooling systems respectively for sealed system circuits. Suitable for use with water and water/glycol mixture to a maximum of 50% concentration. Removes circulating free air and gas bubbles with high efficiency from the system flow. Permanent evacuation by way of integrated Exvoid-T automatic air vent with high venting capacity. Facilitating hydraulic balancing after filling operations with minimum pressure drop.