Al Riyadh Trading & Contracting Co. WLL is a multi-dimensional company, a part of Al Maadeed Group of Companies, with a combined turnover in excess of the US $ 20-25 million and has approximately 150 employees.

The Company was established in 1979 and eventually registered in the year 1984 as a company with limited liabilities. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company and have an office, 2 showrooms, and 2  warehouse complexes of approximately 10,000 sqm covered area manned by Marketing & Sales Engineers, Technicians, Helpers and Supporting Administrative Staffs.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

Some Of The Reputed Companies  We Are Officially Represent Are:

We are one of the approved suppliers and contractors to

  • QTEL
  • HMC
  • Q RAIL
  • MWANI - Qatar Ports Management Co. (Doha Port)
  • Qatar Petroleum (QP) 
  • RASGAS - Ras Laffan Natural Liqefied  Gas Co. 
  • QATARGAS -  Qatar Liquified Gas Company
  • QAPCO - Qatar Petrochemical Co. 
  • QAFCO - Qatar Fertilizer Co. 
  • CARANE - Crane Fluid Systems, U.K.

  • “ITAP”  –   Italy

Valves & threaded pipe fittings for chilled water and plumbing & threaded pipe fittings for fire fighting.

  • DIAMOND WALRAVEN - Diamond Pipe Supports Pvt. Ltd. INDIA / EUROPE

Pipe supports and accessories, Vibration isolate support channels, anchors & fixing accessories for chilled water, fire fighting, plumbing, and drainage.

  • Cla - Val - Cla-Val, Switzerland

Pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, air release valves, float valves, solenoid valves.

  • HUNTER - Germany 

  • “WINTERS” - Winters  Instruments,  Canada/South Africa

Pressure gauges , thermometers, & transmitters.

  • AFA - jiwa Industries Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

Flexible joints and bi-metallic flange.

  • KRANZLE - Herman Jaeger GmbH , Germany

High pressure cleaners

  • CIDAT - Cidat, Italy

  • ROBUST - robust, Germany

Hydraulic / Industrial Hoses & Fittings

  • PPP - Precision Plumbing Products, USA

Water Hammer Arrestor & Trap Primer.

  • I-TORK - I-Tork, Korea

Electric Actuator

  • ROMACON - United Pipeline Product, The Netherlands

Valves & threaded pipe fittings for chilled water and plumbing & threaded pipe fittings for fire fighting.

About Us

Al Riyadh Trading & Contracting is more than three decades old and one of Qatar's pioneering stores than began by serving the then booming oil industry needs with Hydraulic and Industrial Hoses, Fittings, and Couplings. It soon added a full range of Industrial and Construction market that suddenly showed growth prospects. The trading activities of the company therefore, formed strategic divisions to improve efficiency by specialized area approach.


Energy & Industrial: Involved in sales & services to the oil, gas, petrochemicals and the industrial sectors. Products range from industrial/hydraulic hoses, fittings, couplings, clamps, steam traps, reformer and cracking tubes, fuel/gear pump, petrochemical values, to refractory materials, hammer parts industrial belts, welding electrodes, welding tools, high pressure cleaners, channels and gratings cable trays, trunking system, lubricants and rubber gaskets.

HVAC: To diversity and support the electromechanical building construction sector, a range of HVAC pipe support system, valves & fittings, flexible coupling, flanges, seamless fitting, pressure reducing valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, fans, grills & diffusers are the products in this section.

Hose Assembly Shop and Fuel Injection Laboratory:
To rise to the popular trust achieved in the Hydraulic Hose Assembly business, Al Riyadh operates two full-fledged Hose Assembly Workshop: one in "B" Ring Road, Doha and the other in St. No.31, Industrial area. Some noteworthy features here are: The commissioning of the Mobile Hose Workshop, which serves clients at the destinies of their choice, Al Riyadh
is well-equipped and modernized Fuel Injection Laboratory, located in Doha and the Industrial area at the same locations as mentioned above: solutions for any technical snare in the use, application or repair of pumps, a Unique add facility for its esteemed clients. Specified Standards and Strict Quality Controls are enforced by highly qualified Laboratory technicians.

Project Division: To cater to water, power, drainage & Energy Projects, a specialized division that exclusively supply and service Fire Pumps, Pressurization Units, Booster Pump Sets, Chilled water Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Water & drainage valves, Coupling & Flange Adaptors, Repair Clamps and Heat Shrinkable Electrical Accessories.

  • SOCLA – Socla, France 

Flow control solutions.

  • SPT – SPT Metal Corp, Taiwan

Grooved & plain end fittings.

  • INDIANA – Indiana Gratings, India 

  • SANGJIN - Sangjin Developments, Korea

  Gratings &   stair treads.

  • ROMACON - United Pipeline Product, The Netherlands

Stainless steel repair, clamps , & tapping sleevs. Valves & threaded pipe fittings for chilled water and plumbing & threaded pipe fittings for fire fighting.

  • HEGAWA - United Pipeline Products , The Netherlands 

Flexible couplings & flange adaptors.

  • DIXON - Dixon Adlfow Ltd, U.K.

Hydraulic & pneumatic couplings.

  • CRANE - Crane Australia Pty Ltd, Australia 

Ball valve / butterfly valve & fittings for petro - chemical applicatins.

  • GATES - Gates Hydraulics, Belgium 

Industrial belts & V belts.

  • UNISTRUT – Grinell Flow Control, U.K. / Dubai 

Metal framing systems.

  • ULI – United ULI (M) Sdn Bhd , Malaysia  

Under floor, flush floor trunking & floor boxes.